About me, and this blog

Welcome to my little blog of the West - I regularly blog elsewhere about sewing, cooking, and other d.i.y. topics, but between being sick of my blog software, going through a lot of changes in my life, and having little/no free time anymore (due to some of those changes and other factors - I work at home while homeschooling our daughter and running the household) I found myself never, ever blogging. I would want to write something, but I'd never get past uploading the photos to my computer. Everything just seemed to be too time consuming, and too much trouble, and, dare I say, too pointless. 

What I found that I did want to write about was our love of retro Western culture, which started in this house with music (although my own interest goes back to my childhood) and then got magnified through Our Little Cowgirl's obsession with everything western, and our household's newly discovered love of Gene Autry. (We are currently working our way through his entire filmography!) I wanted to take notes for myself (and any other interested parent/fan) but it seemed like it would be bizarre to suddenly change the whole course of my DIY blog. You know, years of making yogurt and sewing clothes and then suddenly - yodeling and cowboy movies?   I thought it would make more sense to just start fresh like an 1800s homesteader. On this blog I'll be writing up all the Autry movies as we watch them (plus any side trips we take), as well as music, clothes, books and whatever catches my fancy.

So here I am: goin' West with my little cowgirl, hopefully into the sunset and not off a cliff.
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