Monday, June 6, 2011

Music On Monday: the Bluegrass Champs

Here's possibly the most hyper bunch I've ever seen on stage outside of a Minutemen show, the Bluegrass Champs with their winning performance of "Salty Dog Blues" on Arthur Godfrey's talent scouts in 1956. Donna Stoneman is bouncing all over the place while she plays! And especially check out their awesome Western outfits -- everyone's shirt bears the motif of the instrument that they are playing. Brilliant.

You can see the guy's shirts clearly in this press photo -- Donna isn't wearing hers, perhaps because sister Peggy had joined by now and she didn't have one!

The Bluegrass Champs were the group formed by the younger generation of the famous Stoneman family in 1955 - they took over the Stoneman Family name not much later and continued their energetic style for many years. Donna and Peggy, along with sister Ronnie are still performing, in fact! Here's a clip from 1965, looks like Donna is even more hyper -- seriously, how does she play while she jumps like that?

And finally, here's how we discovered the younger Stonemans -- performing in Road to Nashville (which, by the way, is worth fast forwarding through but a bit painful to watch). We were blown away when we saw them totally wigging out in the midst of a lot of soppy 60s Nashville artists. Just watch:

Now if all that doesn't perk you up on a Monday, I don't know what will! Have a great week!

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