Monday, August 8, 2011

Music On Monday Song Special: The "Oakie Boogie"

"Oakie Boogie" is a classic track, maybe Western Swing, maybe Hillbilly Boogie, maybe proto-rockabilly, but definitely awesome. We generally like every version we've heard! It was first released in 1947 by both the writer, Johnny Tyler and also by Jack "Oke" Guthrie (Woody's cousin) -- Guthrie's version was a bona-fide hit and is considered a candidate for "first rock-and-roll record". And it probably is the best version to this day - just listen:

It's been recorded countless times and with all sort of interpretations. Another hit version was the Nelson Riddle arrangement of the song into a pop version for Ella Mae Morse as the "Okie Boogie":

I do like that version, but it's a bit on the smooth side! Our house favorites, Maddox Brothers and Rose also recorded their version, but to make things even better, they also recorded an answer song variation called the "Mean and Wicked Boogie"!

The list of cover version is endless, but feel free to start checking them out! Of special note, the Ted Heath big band version (almost seems like a parody); Hank Swatley's 50s rockabilly version; and this great live version from Mimi Roman.

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