Friday, May 27, 2011

Cowgirl Book Club: Cowgirls, Stories of Trick Riders, Sharp Shooters, and Untamed Women

This book contains a series of biographical essays by a group of writers, with no real context overall -- the women profiled are all just women who lived in the West, pretty much. The book has very few illustrations -- and when there are any, they're random and usually unrelated to either the chapter they're in or the caption next to them! And only a handful are even identified -- the book doesn't even tell you that the cover photo (above) is of Bonnie McCarroll getting thrown at a rodeo several years before she died during a contest -- an event that changed the direction of rodeo competition forever, so I'd say pretty significant and maybe worth a tiny caption? The chapters themselves are pretty dry and reads like an earnest juvenile non-fiction book until you hit descriptions of prostitutes and venereal disease (oops, stop peeking over my shoulder, little girl!) You can take a total pass on this book, there's not anything in here that isn't presented better in other books.

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