Monday, May 30, 2011

Music On Monday quickie: grab yourself some Maddox Brothers & Rose!

Maddox Brothers and Rose deserve (and will get) a whole post of their own one of these days as they are tops on the playlists around here (last year Rose Maddox toppled Wanda Jackson as the Little Cowgirl's #1 singer after a reign of 3-4 years!). But right now I just wanted to let you all now that there are some great Maddox posts going up at Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives. One is here, another is here. Go check them out, you won't be sorry you did!


  1. Hey Sarah! Just found your blog here. Really great posts. I don't know if you've introduced your little cowgirl to Riders in the Sky yet, but they are a terrific band and very kid-friendly. Attached is a link to them playing at our wedding five years ago.

  2. Hey Paul!! Thanks!! You know, she has seen them because she's seen videos of them with Devon Dawson (as Jessie), but I haven't really thrown them into the mix yet -- she likes to really focus on one band at a time for a bit. I think she will love Ranger Doug - she loooooooves yodeling!

  3. The last of the Maddox Brothers (Don) is still alive and kicking here in Ashland, OR. He still plays out occasionally, I hear.


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