Monday, May 16, 2011

Gene Autry: In Old Santa Fe (1934)

In Old Santa Fe

Gene makes his film debut in this Ken Maynard film as a musician in a dude ranch party scene. (At least I think it's a dude ranch, I can't actually watch Ken Maynard long enough to be sure what's going on). Smiley Burnette is here as well, and I think I see series regular Frankie Marvin in the band as well.

Scoot ahead to 29:30 and you'll see Gene call a square dance, then sing "Someday In Wyoming", followed by Smiley doing his hit "Mama Don't Allow No Music", and then both of them sing "Down in Santa Fe" (with audience participation!). As a bonus, you get to see Ken Maynard glowering and emoting, and Gabby Hayes doing....I have no idea what he's doing. Also, lots of very pretty 1930 evening gowns on the guests (although, shouldn't they be in western getups at a dude ranch?) Look! Gene is so young he almost sparkles! And I love his little tie.

We didn't watch this whole film, the Little Cowgirl has no interest in Ken -- neither did I. So no clue what else happened in this one. Just zip ahead and enjoy the music!


  1. You'll do Roy Rogers after all the Gene Autry movies, right??!!! Have you checked out the Bronze Buckaroo (Herb Jeffries), too? A lot of his stuff is on youtube. 8)

  2. The little girl and I saw a Monte Hall movie on our own, and Roy and Dale had a glittery, technicolor cameo she liked a lot so I expect so!! After that, not sure....don't know Herb Jeffries, I'll look around!


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